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Казино «Шангри Ла Тбилиси» продолжает собирать награды в качестве одного из лучших игорных домов Грузии. После престижного сертификата Tripadvisor the Certificate of Excellence, полученного летом 2016 года, осенью того же года казино было представлено еще к одной награде.

Так, «Шангри Ла» в Тбилиси было отмечено премией «Золотой бренд», которую вручают по результатам серьезного отбора. Казино признано лучшим в Грузии в 2016 году. И что особенно ценно, ее присудили при поддержке Бизнес-федерации Грузии, Министерства экономики, городской мэрии и Торгово-промышленной палаты.

Оценкой качества обслуживания занимались профессионалы высочайшего уровня: топ-менеджеры и бизнес-администраторы, профессора высших учебных заведений, экономические эксперты и высшие руководители государственных компаний.

Darren Keane Storm International СЕО с гордостью принял награду, так как «Золотой бренд» является показателем действительно высоких достижений. Премия учреждена в Грузии в 2006 году, и более 10 лет ее вручают только лучшим из лучших в своей области. Поэтому для компании так важно, что профессионалы единогласно признали сервис «Шангри Ла Тбилиси» лучшим среди всех казино Грузии.


picture of Shangri La casino in Tbilisi GeorgiaCasino Shangri La in Tbilisi is located in the historical center of the Georgian capital. The casino complex is located near the “Bridge of Peace” and only 10km from the main airport highway and a 20-minute transfer from Tbilisi International Airport.

Shangri La Tbilisi Casino is part of Shangri La Group of Casinos operated by Storm International, a famous land-based casino management company with more than 25 years of experience. Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International, gave an interview to the News of Gambling on perspectives and business climate for gambling operators in Georgia.

Shangri La is considered to be the most luxurous and best casino in Tbilisi. With huge variety of slots, table games, fine cuisine restaurant and special events, Shangri La is the premium destination for entertainment for tourists and locals alike. In June 2016 Shangri La was awarded by Tripadvisor the Certificate of Excellence. If you haven’t visited Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi yet, don’t delay any further: warm atmosphere, VIP service and great times await you!

Казино Минск

Каждую субботу осени в этом году в казино “Шангри Ла” будут проводиться вечеринки из серии “15 000 красок осени”.

Эти еженедельные праздники не оставят равнодушными и гурманов – субботы в этом казино славятся своими разнообразными аппетитными фуршетами от шеф-повара Марка Уильриха: грузинская суббота сменяется французской, затем — испанской или русской, и далее — по всему миру вкусов под музыкальное сопровождение шоу-программ и лучших кавер-бэндов Минска.

Добро пожаловать в лучшее казино Минска Шангри Ла!

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Russian government has designated the new gambling zone in Sochi area on Black Sea which has potential to be the most successful gambling zone in the country.

The proximity of sea and skiing resorts guarantee high tourist flow if done right. Low taxes and relaxed visas are a move in the right direction.

Full article about Sochi with opinion on it from Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Darren Keane

Moscow Times published an article about Storm International investing and developing a blockchain technology for land based casinos.

Those who play in the casino and bet on sports are creatures of habit and don’t like change. But technology is moving quick these days and is expected to bring huge changes to the gambling industry. These days, the big bet by businessmen in the know is on blockchain technology – and example of it is a famous Bitcoin virtual currency.

Many people thought that Bitcoin would be a revolutionary technology in monetary world, which actually didn’t happen yet, and it’s actually the underlying blockchain could prove to be the more groundbreaking as it can have an impact across many businesses.

If you’re not familiar with blockchain, here’s how it works. Blockchain is a digital ledger that records all of the transactions that have been executed via blocks and newer blocks are added at the end of older ones thus forming a ledger. As more transactions are executed, more completed blocks are added in a linear fashion. That way everything is recorded in a chronological order. Every time a full block is completed, a new block is created and linked to the previous one, thus making a block-chain. Then all of the parties that are on the network with access to the blockchain can see the records.

In layman terms, think of it as a credit card statement: every time there’s a new transaction, it’s noted, itemized and saved in a timely order. Then if you want to look something up, you simply go back through time. Blockchains work in the similar way.

The important point is that blockchains are shared digitally by all computers that access them. The parties involved can see everything that’s happening.

When most people think about online gaming and Bitcoins, the first thought is that it’s for players that want to be anonymous. But the blockchain technology is looking to deliver completely the opposite, and allow for the one thing that has kept many governments from legalizing online gambling: regulation.

It’s hard to track who is betting what and where, and how much. As a result, governments around the world don’t want to legalize online gambling since many people might be vulnerable to addiction and big losses. But imagine that blockchain technology is able to track every bet and each player is clearly visible to the government or a gaming regulation body. A system of checks and controls could be implemented to make sure players stay out of trouble.

“Blockchain – and common ledger technology – will allow governments to have transparent look into gaming operations to see the numbers,” says Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International, an international land-based casino operator with casino properties in many countries. “We haven’t had this type of technology in our history, but with blockchains, governments will be able to see betting volumes, frequency and so on if their computers are part of the ledger.”

Similar kind of process is already in place in Las Vegas, Nevada where casinos use player cards to track their gamblers to see who is winning and losing. For the online world, the blockchain could be that player card. As things stand right now, a lot of online gambling is not monitored and completely unregulated. There are all sorts of risks involved with that – including a legal-versus-illegal game of cat and mouse where governments and police try to crackdown, track down illegal entities and spend valuable public resources prosecuting criminals. All of this could be avoided if the system was brought to light, legalized and tracked.

Consider the other factor here that’s kept governments away from legalizing online gambling: tax collection. As of now, it’s tough for governments to get into the accounting books of casinos and sportsbooks and determine how much revenue has been made and what amount needs to be taxed. The same goes for players as often times winnings are not declared. However, if blockchain technology was implemented, then all of the sudden there is a clear archive of everyone’s action, including all of the winning and the losing.


Finish reading the full article: Storm International CEO Darren Keane gave a short interview to Moscow Times on blockchain future role in gaming.

Darren Keane Storm International


Creative Commons photo by: Vmenkov

Moscow Times news website has published an article about Kyrgyzstan gaming prohibition with opinion quotes from Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. Article discusses pitfalls of new gambling proposal by the government where local population is excluded from access to casinos.

Darren Keane Storm

There is an active conversation about the gaming business legalization in Ukraine after the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk officially expressed his support. There were two conferences in Kiev in 2015, which gathered industry businessmen and government representatives with the aim to strike a balance between the needs of the state and the realities of business. The best case scenario will require the establishment of an independent gaming commission, which will be responsible for licensing, enforcing the law, taxing, controlling operating procedures and closing illegal casinos. Shangri La casino CEO Darren Keane was interviewed on the topic.

Darren Keane Gaming

Darren Keane Storm International CEO, gave his opinion on recent Ukranian gaming law proposal.  Ukraine is trying to legalize gambling in order to increase cash inflow to the country empty coffers.

Darren Keane Shangri La Yerevan

Storm International, a global casino operator, opened a new luxurious VIP casino under the brand of “Shangri La X.O.” in Yerevan, Armenia. The casino is located in five-star hotel and resort complex “Multi Grand” recently opened by Storm International’s long term partner in Armenia – Multi Group. Darren Keane casino company CEO, personally opened the casino.

Darren Keane CEO

Darren Keane, CEO of a casino management company Storm International, on an annual meeting with upper management presented operational results for the year 2012. It was reported that the company’s business showed a total growth of 12% in 2012 and net profit increased by 7%.